Suwannee Baptist Association
Tuesday, January 23, 2018


 Prayer is at the heart of Association ministry; hence, the Associational Prayer Ministry has interest in every facet of Associational life. Prayer is the word use in Scripture to denote the dialogue that takes place between the believer and God as well as between God and the believer — believers speak to God and believers listen to God as He speaks. Prayer often relates to the believer's own personal life, but it also involves the believer's concern for another person in need.

The Associational Prayer Ministry focuses on the needs of others, the willingness of others to wait on God, and requesting that God would find opportunity to minister in that given situation.

The Prayer Ministry encourages prayer throughout the congregations of the Suwannee Missionary Baptist Association for the following purposes;

            To pray for their church and leadership

            To pray for the work of the Association

            To pray for various mission and ministry efforts of the Association, the Florida Baptist Convention and the              Southern Baptist Convention

            To pray for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in America.



Prayer Resources;

      Association Prayer Needs:Here

     Prayer Resources of The Florida Baptist Convention; Click HERE